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Windshields To Go - Mobile Service Repair and Replacement - Very low prices
Windshields To Go - Mobile Service Repair and Replacement - Very low prices


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      Do-it-yourself Tools & Supplies

      (We do not recommend installing a windshield if you have not been trained because of safety issues. We recommend using a certified installer.)


    Windshield Urethane

    POWER 300 Series Primerless-to-Glass High Modulus/Non-Conductive Urethane

    High Modulus/Non-Conductive Urethane (You will need two tubes per installation in most cases) (PP3MP may be needed if pinchweld is scratched)

    POWR 300 Series Primerless-to-Glass High Modulus/Non-Conductive Urethane is a high quality adhesive that passes or exceeds the requirements of U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 208, 212, 216 and OEM specifications. With over 1,000 psi of tensile strength and 550 psi lap shear at ultimate cure, PP303HL is one of the safest and strongest urethanes offered for the aftermarket. Virtually all European vehicles have specifications for High Modulus urethane to be used when replacement glass is required. Addtionally, aluminum bodied vehicles (e.g. newer BMW and Mercedes) require low conductive urethane to prevent electrical current from passing from the glass to the body and creating corrosion.

    Two tubes Price: $30.00 ($15.00 each) Plus $12.00 shipping and handling


    POWER 300 Series Urethane Pinchweld Primer

    POWER 300 Series Urethane Pinchweld Primer. Touch Up for Bare Metal Scratches. Apply to Repainted Pinchwelds

    One can Price: $25.00 Plus $12.00 shipping and handling


    Windshield and Body Sealant (A must for 64-68 Mustang)

    Windshield and Body Sealant

    * Non-Curing Flow Grade Butyl in Cartridges
    * Remains Tacky Thoughout Life, Does not Skin Over
    * Can be Water Tested Immediately

    CRL Windshield and Body Sealant is a one-part, ready-to-use sealant for resealing windshields and backlites. Also useful for sealing drip rails and pinchwelds after installation of vinyl hardtops. Remains a flexible rubbery bead with good adhesion to glass, butyl tape, and all metal surfaces.

    One tube Price: $15.00 Plus $12.00 shipping and handling

    Cut-out Knife

    Windshield Cut-Out Knife (with blade)

    Windshield Cut-Out Knife (with blade) Blade slips under the windshield and slices the windshield off the original urethane bed for easy removal.

    Price $25.00 Plus $12.00 shipping and handling

    Pipe Knife

    13" Pipe Handle Cut-Out Knife

    13" Pipe Handle Cut-Out Knife

    * Our Most Popular Knife
    * Can Be Extended
    * Uses Standard Utility Knife Blades

    13" Pipe Handle Cut-Out Knife
    The 13 inch (330 millimeter) long cast aluminum handle on our Pipe Handle Cut-Out Knife gives you extra reach to cut hardened urethane down at the dash line. The round shape of our most popular long knife is easy to grip, and utility knife blades change out in just seconds. Tool length can be extended by adding a length of standard conduit pipe. Extra blades can be stored in the handle.

    Price: $25.00 Plus $12.00 shipping and handling

    Molding Release Tool

    Universal Molding Release Tool

    Made from tempered high-carbon steel, the CRL Universal Windshield Molding Release Tool is used to remove trim moldings from around bonded windshields and rear windows. Tool works in either direction, so there is no need to turn it end for end or change tools. Removes moldings in a fraction of the time required with any other tool. Lays flat on glass; will not twist in lifting clips as narrower tools do.

    Price: $16.00 Plus $10.00 shipping and handling

    Locking Strip Tool

    Swivel Tip Locking Strip Tool

    * Four Different Profile Tips to Fit Most Applications
    * Swivels for Easy Corner and Overhanging Roof Installations

    The Unique design of the Swivel Tip Locking Strip Tool allows the tip to swivel 90° in either direction to work where others will not. This feature provides the easiest way around corners and under roof overhangs. Just select the tip with the opening that most closely fits your locking strip, and then feed locking strip into eyelet. Provided with the Dodge Tip L47030 and the Standard Tip L47040 which works with the majority of locking strips.

    Price: $30.00 Plus $12.00 shipping and handling

    Cut-out Wire

    Windshield Wire

    Windshield Wire is a one pound spool, approximately 650 foot (198.1 meter) coil of heavy-duty piano wire for removing windshields.

    Price: $18.00 Plus $7.50 shipping and handling





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